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Ready for an Adventure?

We’ll Plan an Amazing Trip

Just for You.

Your Destination will be a Complete Surprise!


What is "Hush" and How Does it work?

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Packed Luggage
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You complete a survey about some of your bucket list travel dreams...

And that's all you have to do!  You’ll choose your surprise trip (without actually selecting a destination!), complete our 

We’ll choose the perfect surprise trip destination & create an itinerary that you’ll swear was “made for you.” (Because it will be!)

Two Weeks Before You Leave…

You’ll get your HUSH email with:

1) When to be at the airport;

2) Weather predictions for your HUSH vacation; and

3) what to pack.


One Week Before You Travel…

You’ll receive your surprise HUSH destination travel information & itinerary package.


Inside, you’ll find everything you need to have the best vacation ever.

Many clients choose to open their HUSH package AT THE AIRPORT!

Travelling in America

Choose your Hush Trip

Let Crave take you places you've only dreamed of...

Choose a weekend getaway, a week-long excursion or a fabulous bucket list adventure!  

Select a road trip, a domestic getaway or an international fantasy vacation! 

The possibilities are endless.

Tell us your budget (so there's no surprise there) and we will plan every step of your HUSH itinerary!


Planning Travels
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